Vibe, a youth charity and tenant in our community, has successfully secured National Lottery funding from the esteemed community fund! This noteworthy milestone is the result of their unwavering dedication and marks a pivotal moment in their mission.

The impact of this funding will reach young individuals across Runcorn (Central Westbank and Mersey & Weston) and Sefton (Linacre Park). The grant equates to 684 hours of direct youth work delivery, fostering empowerment, growth, and positive change within these communities.

The strategic progression involves an Outreach youth work initiative, extending into Detached youth work, and culminating in the establishment of a youth hub over the next 12 months. This approach underscores Vibe’s commitment to providing comprehensive and sustained support to the young minds they are privileged to engage with.

Stay tuned on social media @vibeukorg for ongoing updates on their transformative journey and read the original announcement here.