We’re excited to present ‘Women in the Know,’ a series of posters by Kindred LCR celebrating women in Knowsley. You can see this inspiring exhibition on our gallery wall in The Shed at Creative Campus for the next six weeks.

Kindred’s Mission to Empower Women

Last year, Kindred embarked on a mission to shine a spotlight on the women of Knowsley. They launched a social media campaign inviting local women and groups to share their stories and aspirations. The call out was for women with established social businesses or dreams of starting new ventures. Anyone with a passion for community projects aimed at making positive changes!

Thirty-nine women answered the call, attending sessions in Kirkby, Huyton, and Prescot. These women were driven to set up social businesses in response to the needs they, or their communities, were experiencing. Themes of care, creativity, and the environment emerged as common threads among their initiatives. What followed was a series of posters, giving these women a platform to share their voices.

In November 2023, twenty of these women gathered at the Shakespeare North Playhouse in Knowsley to celebrate their achievements. The evening was a resounding success, with around 100 attendees eager to hear each woman’s story and journey.

Bringing Knowsley’s Women to the Baltic Triangle

Christine Spriggs, Kindred Place Lead and Women in the Know Programme Lead, expressed her excitement about bringing this exhibition to Baltic Creative:

“I’m thrilled that Kindred’s Women in the Know Place Programme, which introduced us to nearly 40 amazing and talented social entrepreneurs from across the Borough, is being celebrated again through this fantastic Baltic Creative exhibition. During the programme, we created posters of each participating woman, and I’m delighted that we can showcase them here once more!”

Don’t miss the ‘Women in the Know’ Exhibition in our Shed meeting room until 25th August. Please note that opening times are subject to meeting room bookings.

Find out more about the project here.