Students of LJMU’s Applied Entrepreneurship course will lead the “Next Gen” panel at Bloom. This discussion is an exploration into the evolving ethos of the emerging workforce. What does this search for purpose mean for the future of work?

The Search for Meaning

Today’s workforce is painting a new picture of what success looks like in the professional realm. It’s no longer about the bottom line or climbing the corporate ladder. A recent survey highlighted that a whopping 63% of millennials believe the primary purpose of businesses should extend beyond profit-making. A further 62% of 18-26 year-olds would prefer to collaborate with brands on issues including racism, climate change and gender inequality.

This shift is prompting a tangible transformation in the business world, where being purpose-led is becoming the new norm. The move towards sustainability and social responsibility is no longer optional but essential, as younger generations demand it.

The Workforce of Tomorrow

By 2025, millennials and Gen Z are set to dominate the global workforce, with Gen Z alone accounting for 27%. But what sets Gen Z apart is their unwavering commitment to purpose. Having come of age during times of significant global upheaval, including pandemics and economic downturns, their worldview is markedly different. For them, a job is not just a job—it’s a platform for effecting change.

LJMU’s Applied Entrepreneurship course is at the forefront of preparing students for this new era. By offering hands-on experience in setting up and managing businesses with a focus on solving real-world problems, the course ensures that our leaders of tomorrow are eager to embrace a more meaningful career trajectory. Their upcoming panel at Bloom will feature young entrepreneurs, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to hear directly from those leading the charge.

Join the Conversation

Sponsored by LJMU, the “Next Gen” panel promises to be a groundbreaking session for anyone interested in the intersection of career, purpose, and societal impact. As we witness this seismic shift in workplace values, the insights from these young minds are not just relevant but crucial for anyone looking to understand the future of work and business. Join us at Bloom to be part of the conversation that sets the tone for what’s next. Get your tickets here!