Photography by Pete Carr (c)

Our 8th and latest artwork, which takes the form of a warrior, was created by Andrew Edwards.

“The Giant represents will and patience. He presents a rigorous and fierce purpose, demonstrating a state of mind of unbending intent. A single mindedness not countermanded by any conflicting interests or desire, which to have, he must be a warrior and not a child. His fortitude is constructed from waiting – for a warrior has only his will and his patience, but with them he can achieve anything.

The figure of a Mercian thane is also a Saxon, part Angle, part Celt, and part Norse. His identity is as part of a cultural mosaic rather than a racial melting pot as we Islanders have always been. Our proud heritage is from cultures and styles from all over the world. Scandinavian and Germanic metalworking skills that likely travelled to us from yet further, with Indian and Oriental expertise with African mastery of bronze which gave us our own Bronze-Age, are all gifted ingredients in making us who we are. Far from having an “island reality”, we are centrally placed to recognise and value these connections because we can clearly see and realise that at some time, we all travelled here from somewhere else.” Andrew Edwards, Liverpool, February 2019

The McKeown Rice Exhibition Space was launched on 27th November 2014 in memory of Claire McKeown and Paul Rice, founding members of Baltic Creative CIC.  Claire and Paul were instrumental in developing the vision for Baltic Creative, which continues to provide high quality space for creative & digital businesses and has played a vital role in the regeneration of the Baltic Triangle area over the last 10 years. The plinth is designed and curated by Castle Fine Arts Foundry and showcases new public artwork every six to twelve months.