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Venue:The Shed, Baltic Creative Campus, 49 Jamaica Street, Liverpool, L10AH
Start time:01:30 PM
Start date:01.12.19
End date:15.12.19
End time:03:00 PM
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Every child is an artist 

Pablo Picasso

dot-art Club is designed to help children aged 10-13 years develop their drawing skills and build a lifelong love of art by exploring a range of art mediums including painting and print making.


1st, 8th, 15th December – £90 for full block

Drawing improves fine motor skills, strengthens critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It enables children to understand how to plan and execute their ideas and increases their ability to observe the world around them. Drawing also develops more awareness of spatial relationships and builds self-confidence and independence.

The classes focusing on drawing will look at the various forms of drawing such as line, contour, cross-hatching, mark-making, negative space, value (light/shadow), composition and other techniques. This will greatly enhance students’ ability to draw what they see. The drawing class will work from still life, mirrors, and occasional models (each other).

Classes focusing on painting will include: exploring warm and cool primary paints to make secondaries, tertiaries and complex colours, blending and texture, complementary colours, painting studies (using a viewfinder to abstract images, creating three painting studies) and bird studies (painting from bird photographs- using all skills obtained above).Tutor

The sessions will be led by professional teacher Sarah Jane Richards who has years of experience teaching art in schools across Liverpool, and her team. All staff are fully DBS checked and insured.