Lucy Nicholson, Ella Goddard and Lorna Spence are proud to announce the launch of their new art licensing business Relevant Studios Ltd. Based in Northern Lights, this women-owned company introduces illustrators to the world of art licensing. Relevant gives artists the chance to see their work sold in some of the most prominent retail businesses.

The company was born out of Ella, Lucy and Lorna’s collective passion for curating unique collections of art. This, with their desire to help young artists succeed in a saturated market, drove the team to incorporate a licensing agency that specialises in fun, light-hearted and colourful illustrations available for licensing worldwide. Their ethos is to remain as approachable, supportive and art-led as possible, giving emerging illustrators the confidence to share their portfolios and get their artwork seen.

Lucy Nicholson, founder of Lucy Maggie Designs and co-founder of Relevant said: 

Over the years, as part of Lucy Maggie Designs, we’ve built up a strong customer base with lots of wonderful retailers, both online and in bricks and mortar stores. Myself and my new business partner Ella Goddard launched Relevant in order to introduce some of our favourite artists to the world of greeting cards, stationery and gift, by connecting them with our favourite industry buyers, giving them the chance to get their artwork in shops far and wide. 

We’ve already secured deals with some major retailers – which is fantastic news – and are in conversation with lots more, even extending into the realms of fashion and interior design. Because of all of these exciting opportunities, we’re currently working to build up our artist base – so we are looking for submissions from talented up-and-coming illustrators!

Ella added:

“We are so unbelievably excited about this new business venture. As illustrators ourselves and knowing the struggles that surround getting your artwork ‘out there’, we wanted to create a doorway into art licensing that was truly illustration-led and felt approachable and friendly to up-and-coming artists.”

Additionally, Lucy Maggie Designs is opening its doors at Northern Lights, operating a retail store direct from their studio. Visitors to the building can now pop-in and purchase products made by the talented emerging illustrators Relevant represents. 

You can read more about Relevant, engage in a live chat, and apply to be an illustrator on their website. To purchase products from Lucy Maggie Designs, find them at FF15, Northern Lights, 5 Mann Street, Liverpool L8 5AF.