The award-winning team at Wordscape have been around for over a decade, constructing narratives that resonate deeply with audiences. Founded in 2009, Wordscape is dedicated to delivering messages in the most genuine and memorable way possible.

Their work has the ability to connect people and ideas with great design, words, and beautiful cinematography. From print to digital, Wordscape pours inspiration and authenticity into the content they produce, all aimed at telling stories with impact. Read on to learn more about this bunch of doers and thinkers who’ve been part of our community since 2016.

The Wordscape Ethos

Wordscape is about creating connections – linking narratives with audiences, ideas with investors, and products with the right marketplace. They specialise in transforming the heart of a brand or mission into content that leaves a lasting impression. Their approach ensures that every project resonates with the intended audience, and aligns with their vision and values.

Driving this forward is publisher, editor and Wordscape’s founder, Fiona Shaw. When asked about their mission, Fiona told us: “We’re really lucky to work on a variety of communications and publishing projects, helping our clients tell their stories, share ideas and spark conversations… Most of our clients are in the business for good/purpose-driven roles, so there are lots of great stories to tell.” The team works on projects that encourage a culture of purpose and good business practice. This is no more apparent than in the production of Ethos.

Ethos is an engaging magazine which spotlights businesses that are changing the world. The content brings together sustainable ideas, influential people, and dynamic places. It offers unique insights into progressive leaders and their visions, showcasing their innovative approaches to work, life, and the pursuit of ethical success. Their next issue is out soon and Fiona gave us an insight into the type of thought-provoking conversations you can expect: “Issue 20 of our good business magazine, Ethos, has just gone to print; Too Good To Go is the cover story for this issue and that will be sent to readers in 25 different countries once it arrives.”

Projects and Impact

Wordscape’s portfolio is a showcase of impactful projects in a range of sectors. Alongside the publication of Ethos, Wordscape work with Left Bank to produce a seasonal magazine highlighting the Wirral as a prime destination for living, working and investing. Their partnership with The Good Business Festival underscores their commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices. Plus, last year they worked with the BBC and Eurovision to create the official programme for Liverpool’s turn to host!

The team are experts at uplifting businesses across various industries, from startups with a vision for a better world to established companies seeking to redefine their narrative. Their work inspires change, new paths in sustainability, innovation, and social impact. For this reason, Baltic Creative chose Wordscape to help us craft this year’s Bloom event.

Wordscape and Baltic Creative: Blooming Together

Wordscape’s journey is deeply rooted in the Baltic Triangle and Baltic Creative community. “We’ve been based in the Baltic Triangle for over ten years now, and Baltic Creative residents for most of that time. Being part of the community here is important to us – it’s a good way to connect with people, share ideas and work with other like-minded businesses,” Fiona says. Since 2014, they’ve been an integral part of this area. In 2016, they moved into our Northern Lights building and later into the Creative Campus. This close relationship has made Wordscape ideal collaborators. Their input into our Creative Hubs Connect project with the British Council in 2022 was invaluable. Now, with Bloom, their expertise and understanding are again shaping an experience that will inspire our community.

From the beginning, Wordscape played a pivotal role in the conceptualisation, branding and story of Bloom. They helped us craft a visually compelling brand package and weave a narrative thread through the event. Their creative vision brought Bloom to life, designing a recognisable logo and collateral that would help us carry this event forward into the future. With the continued help of the Wordscape team, we’re ensuring that this event sows the seeds of future-readiness for businesses by encouraging engagement, understanding, and inspiration among attendees.

With a 15-year legacy of storytelling, and collaborations that breathe life into projects like Bloom, Wordscape are at the forefront of connecting ideas, people, and businesses with purpose. Explore their world by visiting, or by grabbing the latest issue of Ethos magazine!

All images (c) Wordscape Ltd.

The Wordscape team! Top row (L-R): Fiona Shaw, Andrew Beattie, Emily Wilcox, Allan Melia. Second row (L-R): Holly Carter, Denis Carballas Riveiro, Lucy Moss, Nicola Capper.