In the vibrant world of art, there are individuals who seamlessly transition from one creative endeavor to another. Meet Hazel, a passionate artist with a unique journey that took her from the world of television news journalism to the slow-paced world of art. 

Formerly a television news journalist, Hazel has traded headlines for brushstrokes on canvas. This transition is not merely a career shift; it’s a profound exploration of self-expression and creativity.

The Artistic Journey of Hazel

At the core of Hazel’s artistic vision is a deep-seated passion for representing light and colour. Her works, whether abstracts, landscapes, or cityscapes, are a testament to her keen observation of the play between light and the vibrant palette she employs. Through her art, Hazel captures the essence of fleeting moments, translating them into timeless pieces that resonate with viewers.

Working primarily with acrylics and pastels, Hazel brings her visions to life with bold strokes and subtle nuances. Her choice of mediums allows her to experiment with texture and depth, creating immersive experiences within her artwork.

Hazel’s artistic versatility shines through in the diversity of her creations. From captivating abstracts that evoke emotions to serene landscapes and dynamic cityscapes that pulse with energy, her portfolio is a kaleidoscope of artistic expression. Each piece tells a different story, inviting the audience to explore the depths of Hazel’s imagination.

You can find Hazels work on display at the Northern Lights Gallery Wall until the end of January 2024. Give her a follow on Instagram for updates: @hazel_barrett_