Matthew Storrow channels his artistic energy into the creation of a captivating line of illustrated products under his studio name, Mockup Goods Co.

An accomplished illustrator, Matthew has created a variety of products ranging from Risograph prints and greeting cards to coasters, ornaments, pins and stickers. Matthew travels the country selling his products at various print and craft fairs as well as selling online and through his stockists. His creations not only showcase his technical skill but also his ability to infuse each piece with a distinctive personality.

In June 2020, Matthew made a significant move by bringing his studio to Northern Lights after joining Hub Studios. Since then, he has been a dedicated member of the Northern Lights community, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere that defines the Baltic Creative hub. Working full time from Northern Lights, Matthew has found an inspiring space that fuels his artistic endeavours and allows his creativity to flourish.

Since January 2022, Matthew, along with fellow Hub artists Kim and Freida, has embarked on a new creative venture—pottery classes. The classes, led by their neighbour Simon Shaw, provide a unique opportunity for artistic exploration.

Currently, Matthew’s work graces the Northern Lights gallery wall with a curated display of his illustrations and pottery makes. Visitors to the gallery are treated to a visual feast that reflects the evolution of his work and the diverse range of products that have become synonymous with Mockup Goods Co. The gallery space serves as a dynamic testament to Northern Lights’ commitment to fostering creativity within its community.

You can buy Matthew’s work via his website or Etsy shop. You can also find Matthew’s work stocked in The Art Quarter in the Metquarter and The Nest at the Albert Dock. His work will continue to be displayed on the Northern Lights Gallery wall until Monday 27th November.