In Liverpool’s creative scene, there’s a shining light whose journey from Cornwall to the heart of the city has sparked a blaze of artistic innovation. Meet Jennifer Santillo, the dynamic force behind CANVELLA, a spirited venture that fuses bespoke prints with whimsical interior and exterior artwork.

A Creative Journey

Jennifer brings a wealth of creative exploration to her craft, in everything from dance to graffiti. Originally from Cornwall, Jennifer’s move to Liverpool in 2018 marked a pivotal chapter in her journey. However, it was the unexpected twist of the pandemic in 2020 that provided the catalyst for CANVELLA’s inception. Seizing the moment, Jennifer channelled her passion into a brand new venture. Our Northern Lights Gallery Wall now serves as a window into her creative evolution, showcasing two distinctive collections that encapsulate her imagination and talent.

Exploring CANVELLA’s Collections

Step inside Jennifer’s world of “wild experiments” with her new collection “A Doll’s Life.” Created within the the Dallas Prints studio, these new prints are the perfect blend of nostalgia and current pop culture. But Jennifer’s creativity extends beyond her own artwork. She now lends her expertise to fellow artists, offering invaluable support at every turn, from scanning artwork to offering guidance. Jennifer’s work now takes centre stage, casting a literal glow on our gallery wall.

The Artist Experience

The Artist Experience by CANVELLA is a captivating blend of interactive entertainment and artistic expression. These dynamic events are not your traditional sip and paint gatherings. You’ll find yourself in a vibrant atmosphere filled with lively music, visually stunning performances, and engaging activities. From games to drinks you’ll embark on a journey to create your own masterpiece. Jennifer’s events are celebrations of creativity, a platform to connect with others, and an an unforgettable experience.

So, whether you’re drawn to her kaleidoscopic prints or enchanted by her whimsical creations, Jennifer Santillo and CANVELLA stand as a testament to the transformative power of creativity. In a world where every brushstroke tells a story, hers is a narrative of resilience, passion, and boundless artistic exploration.

You can visit Jens latest exhibition A Dolls Life on our gallery wall until the 25th of March and follow her work on instagram