Creative Hubs Connect

Connect with hubs and clusters across the UK and South East Asia to create opportunities, collaborate and grow.
Hubs and clusters drive our productivity, competitive advantage and collaboration. They help us retain skills in local economies, create new jobs, products and services and point to areas of future investment. They are catalysts for regeneration, research and development.

As we emerge from two difficult years of lockdowns and reduced contact, the need to reconnect is greater than ever. As businesses recover they are looking for opportunities to widen their networks, find partners for joint projects, connect with policy makers and learn from their peers.
Creative Hubs Connect links a British audience of hub leaders and tenants to an established international network; it connects us to educators, young people and policymakers. And this is your chance to join up.


Baltic Creative has been working alongside the British Council for nearly a decade, on a variety of projects and is part of its European Creative Hubs Network project, which brings 80 UK and 200 EU hubs together to stimulate connections, collaboration and learning.

“Creative Hubs Connect Network is a bridge that will connect hubs communities from the UK with hubs communities from Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Philippines and Thailand. It will be a window open to knowledge, connections and best practices. We hope it will lead you to reach new audiences, explore new markets and foster creativeexplorations and collaborations. The British Council is proud to support this new and unique networking platform and we encourage you to join us and meet new partners on the platform.”

Florence Lambert, British Council

Now, we’re building on the expertise of the Creative Hubs Connect platform, which links 75 clusters across South East Asia to bring people together to dream, test, create, share, imagine, innovate and explore ideas.
We are sharing the learnings of the platform and shaping a new version that will link hubs across the UK to those established Asian hubs, launching it to a UK-based audience. The platform allows member hubs to host events and workshops; manage bookings and grow their audience, and make connections with hubs across six countries. It’s an opportunity to share resources, learning and create positive impact for social, cultural and economic growth.

The Grand Launch of the programme is on Friday 29th July. Click here to register and find out more about the platform.