In the ever-evolving landscape of the UK’s economy, we’ve shifted from being a nation of small-scale shopkeepers to one buzzing with the energy of start-ups and small businesses. This transformation brings with it an important question for Baltic Creative’s upcoming Bloom event: “To scale or not to scale?”

This discussion on scaling up is sponsored by Brabners, a B-corp certified, purpose-led independent law firm. Brabners specialises in helping clients to realise their objectives, from public and third sector organisations to private individuals. They support large and mid-sized businesses, SMEs, public sector entities, charities, and entrepreneurs!

The Scale-Up Journey

The journey from a fledgling start-up to a thriving enterprise is no small feat. The UK often struggles when it comes to nurturing these start-ups into their next phase of growth. But why is scaling up such a critical milestone?

Scaling up isn’t just about boosting profits; it’s a driver for economic resilience and innovation. Yet, the road to expansion is littered with challenges. Access to funding, business support, and maintaining a balance between wellbeing and work-life are all elements that growing businesses wrestle with. So, how do we ensure that these enterprises don’t just survive but thrive as they scale?

Contentment in the Small Scale

Scale-up isn’t the only path forward. The ethos of microbusiness offers an interesting counter-narrative. These businesses, characterised by their resilience, may not seek growth in the traditional sense but rather aspire to sustain their operations, ensuring longevity and stability. The question then arises: How can microbusinesses continue to flourish without the ambition for growth?

Amidst these discussions on scaling up and sustaining small-scale operations, the concept of de-growth offers a radical yet relevant perspective. In an era of sustainability and environmental concerns, de-growth advocates for a deliberate downsizing of production and consumption, aiming for a more sustainable and equitable economy. But can this approach coexist with the aspirations of businesses in a growth-oriented world?

A Balance Between Collaboration and Community

Regardless of the path chosen, one thing is clear: the strength of collaboration and community. Collaboration can hurl businesses to new heights, whether they’re scaling up or maintaining their course. How do we encourage a culture that celebrates both growth and sustainability, where businesses can thrive without compromising their values or the well-being of their community?

For this discussion at Bloom, we’re inviting speakers from higher education, purpose-led organisations, and the creative and digital sectors. The panel will feature insights from experts well-versed in scaling businesses, alongside business owners who have navigated the scale-up journey themselves, offering a holistic view of the opportunities and pitfalls of business growth.

Join us at Bloom for insights and perspectives on navigating this complex landscape. Whether you’re a start-up on the brink of expansion, a micro-business content in your niche, or an advocate for sustainable practices, the conversation on scaling up is more important than ever. Get your ticket via Eventbrite and explore these themes for answers and pathways to more resilient and inclusive businesses!

You can find out more about Brabners, our panel sponsor, by visiting their website.