Over 2 million Ukrainians refugees have fled their homes to escape the war. This includes thousands of highly skilled professionals whose livelihoods are now uncertain. Find out how you can support them by hiring them remotely, wherever they are.

Tech For Good

Ukrainians are highly skilled, particularly in the IT industry which boasts 200,000 experts, but also across other sectors. Current registered users include developers, marketers, managers and more.

A new platform, RemoteUkraine invites you to use the power of technology and business as a force for good. 

You can post your roles here and gain access to incredible talent at competitive rates.


What does it cost?

Nothing – it’s free.

If I find a worker, can I hire them directly?


Do all workers have VISAs?

Most will do, soon. The EU has now provided a 3 year work VISA, and the UK will be implementing an uncapped work VISA too. We are partnering with relevant organisations to support this process.

How do I hire a contractor?

You can hire a contract worker from the platform, which will handle the contract, invoices and payments.

How do I hire an employee?

All employees are hired off the platform, either directly or via one of several Employer of Record organisations we are partnering with. They can legally employ and pay the worker on your behalf.

RemoteUkraine is a not for profit talent platform helping skilled Ukrainian professionals to continue working, wherever they are. You can contact them via their website or by emailing team@remoteukraine.org.