Take yourself on a tour of exciting art created by 8 LGBTQIA artists and exhibited in prominent places around Liverpool during Homotopia‘s Queer The City Art Crawl from 29 October – 15 November.

We’re delighted to be stop number 8 on the tour, showcasing “birds of a feather flock together, aka: A New Family Portrait” 2020 by New York City based artists OyH. You can find the artwork on the front wall of 49 Jamaica Street / The Baltic Roastery.

About the work: birds of a feather flock together, aka: A New Family Portrait (2020) refers to modes of queer relation, kinship, and the idea of one’s ‘chosen’ family. The cowboy hats and sheriff stars, Americana fetishes, are recurring motifs throughout O.y.h’s practise. He juxtaposes this with Eastern iconography, deploying herons, cranes, chickens, goats, butterflies, Buddhist prayer beads, asemic scrawls, and fragments of flash poetry. These elements sometimes refer to the reality of the painted subjects, and sometimes to nothing in particular.

About the artist: O.y.h is an artist based in New York City. His work explores Relation, testament-to-having-lived, and personhood, all diffracted through a queer diasporic lens. The eclectic iconography of his paintings reflects the artist’s varied roots. Often, he playfully hybridises either/or binaries such as East/West, Man/Woman, here/there, exposing their contingency and restrictiveness.

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