Baltic Creative are delighted to be working with Transform Lives Company on a new four-part health and wellbeing event series. Each event will provide practical support and inspiration to individuals and business owners so that they can go forth and explore the many benefits of implementing wellbeing practices in their daily lives.

Over the last 12 months, our mental health and wellbeing has been tried and tested and we’ve all had to deal with our own individual challenges along this journey. We’ve had to adapt, change, pivot and squeeze into the ‘new norm’ – finding different ways of coping and managing our personal lives, family and work commitments. It’s affected us all differently but as we start to think about how we re-introduce ourselves into this newer way of living, one element remains the same – the need for us to make sure that we’re finding ways to look after our health and wellbeing.

This four-part series, delivered by the team at Transform Lives Company (TLC), will focus on four key wellbeing topics:

1. Managing stress and anxiety in the workplace
2. Digital and Media Detox
3. Looking after the wellbeing of your colleagues
4. Bringing Mindfulness to the working day

These events are free of charge, open to everyone and will take place online via Zoom. You can sign up here or via the links below.

Taking place 10:00am – 11:00am on Tuesday 20th April on zoom

Tickets available here.

Taking place 10:00am – 11:00am on Tuesday 18th May on Zoom

Tickets available here.

Taking place 10:00am – 11:00am on Tuesday 22nd June on Zoom

Tickets available here.

Taking place 10:00am – 11:00am on Tuesday 20th July on Zoom

Tickets available here.

About TLC

TLC are passionate about helping people to live fulfilling lives – whether they are in work or unemployed… and let’s face it, most of us hit bumps in the road from time to time and we may need a little help to deal with these bumps when they occur. The team at TLC explore practical approaches to improving wellbeing and they make it fun, light-hearted and accessible to everyone. They use their knowledge and expertise to explain ways you can look after yourself and others and why looking after our wellbeing is so important. Because when you understand the why, it’s much easier to make time for it in our busy lives. So, if wellbeing and mindfulness isn’t your thing, then maybe TLC are the team to convince you otherwise?

This event programme has been devised in response to Baltic Creative CIC and Northern Lights Liverpool’s recent tenant satisfaction survey. In this survey, we asked our community of creative and digital businesses what health and wellbeing support they wish to receive and as such, the responses have informed the content for these events.