Award-winning development studio, Milky Tea, has announced a new partnership with the video gaming group, Aonic, who have acquired a majority stake in the company.

Characters from HyperBrawl Tournament (c) Milky Tea.

This new partnership will support Milky Tea in developing its own in-house gaming intellectual property, whilst also expanding its operations. After previously working on the successful Apple Arcade launch title, HyperBrawl Tournament, the studio is currently working on multiple new IPs that are yet to be announced publicly.

Previous majority shareholder, Jonathan Holmes, will remain onboard as minority shareholder and the studio’s appointed CEO. Holmes said:

We have had a great relationship with Aonic’s leadership team for multiple years. After we had decided to take the next strategic step in our development, we sat down with Aonic last April and immediately knew there was great potential in our collaboration. This new partnership is a fantastic opportunity and will allow Milky Tea to continue to go from strength to strength

Olliver Heins, Co-founder of Aonic, said:

The entire team at Aonic is incredibly passionate about Milky Tea’s exciting new IPs currently in the works, and with our shared vision, we believe our network can really support Milky Tea in making these games a success.

Milky Tea Games Studio’s new IPs will be announced later in the year. For the latest news from the studio, follow Milky Tea on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Read the original press release here.

Milky Tea is a UK game development studio. Established in Liverpool in 2005, the studio designs and develops its own video game intellectual property as well as offering “work for hire” game development services. They are based in Baltic Creative Campus, 49 Jamaica Street.