Baltic Creative’s first-ever Bloom event is only a week away! We’re excited to announce the final speakers for our second panel of the day: What’s the point? Finding purpose at work. The panel explores what success looks like today, where corporate ladder climbing is no longer the sole benchmark of achievement.

Recent studies show a dramatic transformation in the expectations from work among millennials and Gen Z. These generations prefer to align with brands that actively address societal issues such as racism, climate change, and gender inequality. This discussion at Bloom will enlighten anyone interested in how careers choices are changing to reflect broader societal impacts and individual motivations.

Meet our Panellists

Gaby Mendes

Gaby is founder and CEO of Talk Twenties. Through her platform, which reaches over 100,000 listeners, Gaby addresses gaps left by traditional education in preparing young adults for the real-world. From managing finances to making meaningful connections, the Talk Twenties Podcast and TwentiesFest aim to equip younger generations with tools necessary for navigating adult life.

Sana Aboarook

Sana’s early career journey was a non-traditional route in many eyes. After an education disrupted by the pandemic, she chose to bypass university in favour of the real-world work experience offered by Agent Academy CIC. She excelled in their Rise programme and was offered a role within the organisation. Having been promoted three times, Sana now influences their operations and connects underrepresented youth with career opportunities.

Holly Carter

As a freelance graphic designer, Holly turns visions and values into compelling visual narratives. Her work, which spans across the charity sector and independent businesses globally, broadcasts the powerful messages of her clients. Holly is a lecturer at LJMU and LIPA, with a commitment to nurturing the next wave of creative talents.

Marybeth Heulwen Firminger

A student of Fashion Design at LJMU, Marybeth wants to revolutionise the creative industry with her abstract and conceptual approach. Her perspectives on individual identity, lifestyle, and career aspirations underscores a broader trend: the profound impact of work on personal health and the importance of embracing diversity within the workforce.

Join us at Bloom

Hosted by Indiana Ibreck-Donlon, a student of LJMU’s Applied Entrepreneurship course, this panel is a discussion that invites all attendees to engage and reflect on the themes presented. Whether you’re a student, professional, or entrepreneur, the insights from our panellists will inspire you to consider how you can integrate purpose into your professional life. Get your tickets now and join us at Bloom to be part of the conversation. Thanks to LJMU – our panel sponsors!