Meet Nick Howe, CEO of Uniform, whose journey from a fresh-faced graduate to the leader of a premier design group is nothing short of inspirational. Nick is set to join the speaker line-up of our Scale-up panel at Bloom, adding his insights to the conversation.

From LJMU to Global Design Leader

Nick’s journey began shortly after graduating from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) in 1998 with a degree in Product Design and Marketing. Just two weeks later, he founded Uniform, embarking on a journey that would see a three-man studio evolve into a leading design group with a global brand client roster. Today, as CEO, Nick has been the architect of Uniform’s expansion, steering the company through a myriad of challenges and opportunities. His background in product design is instrumental when it comes to navigating the company’s growth. Under Nick’s leadership, Uniform has balanced commercial success with creative excellence, all while pursuing ambitious growth strategies.

Nick’s contributions extend beyond the confines of Uniform. He has played a significant role in the wider design community, currently leading the North West chapter of Kerning the Gap—a testament to his commitment to encouraging inclusivity and diversity in design. His experience has also benefited the Design Business Association (DBA), D&AD, and the advisory committees of LJMU, among others.

His involvement with these organisations highlight Nick’s dedication not just to the growth of Uniform, but to the advancement of the design industry as a whole. Through these roles, he has supported initiatives that drive forward the creative community, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive future for the sector.

Shaping the Future of Design

As CEO, Nick has defined an ambitious path for Uniform, ensuring that the company maintains a delicate balance between its commercial, creative, and cultural ambitions. His leadership is characterised by a forward-thinking approach, always aiming to adapt and innovate in response to the ever-changing landscape of the design industry.

Nick’s story is a compelling narrative of vision, determination, and success. With Nick joining our scale-up panel, attendees of Bloom can expect valuable insights into the complexities of growing a business in a competitive market. His journey from a university graduate to the CEO of a leading global design group is a powerful reminder of where ambition, talent, and hard work can lead.

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