Neil Bellamy isn’t your typical banker. With a career spanning over three decades, Neil has established himself as a leading authority in Technology, Media, and Telecoms (TMT). However, what truly distinguishes Neil is his unwavering commitment to driving positive change beyond traditional banking boundaries. On Wednesday 8th May, he joins us at Bloom to talk about the value of Intellectual Property in “Shooting from the IP!”

Beyond Banking

Neil’s journey started in the tech scene, where he quickly earned the trust and respect of industry giants such as computer technology company, Oracle. Today, as Head of Technology, Media, and Telecoms at NatWest, Neil leads a team dedicated to encouraging the growth and success of the UK’s tech sector. From providing support to startups, to empowering businesses to scale up, Neil’s expertise shapes the trajectory of numerous TMT enterprises.

Yet, Neil’s impact goes beyond the confines of boardrooms and balance sheets. He is deeply invested in initiatives aimed at nurturing talent and innovation within the industry. Whether he’s championing apprentice programs or offering guidance to startups, Neil is a driving force behind a forward-thinking tech ecosystem.

Unlocking the power of Intellectual Property

Neil’s background is in Intellectual Property (IP) financing. IP finance means using the rights to your creative ideas or inventions to get money. This could involve using the collateral for a loan or selling the rights to future profits from these ideas. It can also mean showing how valuable your ideas are to get funding for your business. It’s climate-friendly, long-lasting, and, best of all, its value increases with use. What’s not to get excited about?

With this experience, Neil aims to close the funding gap confronting UK scale-ups by creating innovative solutions to help IP-rich SME firms. Neil’s initiatives in IP financing have garnered international acclaim, earning him recognition at prestigious events around the world. As an advocate for bridging the funding gap and empowering tech businesses to thrive, Neil continues to lead on initiatives that propel innovation and growth within the industry. 

Hear more at Bloom

Joining Neil for this discussion is Tom Gigg, who is Channel Account Manager at Inngot. Inngot is an organisation on a mission to help companies unlock the commercial potential of their intellectual property. Its tools and services aim to empower organisations and address the challenges faced by SMEs.

This talk at Bloom offers a unique opportunity to delve into the insights and expertise of both Neil and Tom. Join us for an engaging session and learn how you can leverage Intellectual Property to grow your business. Purchase your tickets on Eventbrite today!