John Moffatt, MD at Capital & Centric, will speak on the Place panel at Bloom.

We’re excited to announce that, speaking at Bloom, will be John Moffatt – Managing Director at Capital & Centric. John’s experience transforming urban landscapes makes him a perfect voice in our exploration of “place.”

Meet John Moffatt

With a background in Economics, specialising in land and regeneration, John Moffatt’s career has been anything but ordinary. Starting his journey with developer Nikal, John played a pivotal role in managing developments like the Exchange Square project in Birmingham – a £125m initiative that introduced 603 homes to the city. In 2016, John’s path took a significant turn as he joined Capital & Centric. He later rose to the role of Joint Managing Director in 2022. His leadership is instrumental in driving the company’s ambitious projects and has earned him accolades such as Property Week’s Rising Star of the Office Industry in 2008 and Insider North West’s Young Property Professional of the Year in 2016.

Redefining Spaces with Creativity and Impact

Capital & Centric stands out in the property landscape for its commitment to social impact, architecture, and sustainability. With a passion for transforming unloved buildings into vibrant, energy-efficient places, Capital & Centric has completed over 2,000,000 sq. ft of development and dedicated more than £3 million a week to regeneration in the last ten years. The team is currently focussed on restoring the iconic 1930s Littlewoods building in Edge Lane, Liverpool. Their mission is to repurpose this historic site, transforming it into a physical space to foster professional and creative communities.

A Shared Vision

Places like those curated by Baltic Creative and Capital & Centric embody the spirit of collaboration, serving as catalysts for creativity and a sense of belonging. At Bloom, John Moffatt will add his voice to a conversation about the future of work and the intrinsic value of place.

We’ll explore how to navigate changes in our working lives while preserving well-being, enhancing community bonds, and embracing flexibility. John’s work with Capital & Centric offers a model of how spaces can evolve to meet these challenges, making them more relevant and impactful than ever.

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