We’re excited to introduce the next speaker for our Place panel – Hazel Rounding, Managing Director at shedkm. Hazel will be speaking at our upcoming Bloom event on 8th May. Hazel’s a force of nature in the architectural world, blending innovation with practicality to reshape our urban landscapes.

From Architect to Trailblazer

Hazel began her journey at shedkm in 1998, where her flair for architecture quickly made waves. Climbing the ranks to become Managing Director by 2020, she’s been instrumental in propelling the practice into new heights. Under her leadership, shedkm has thrived, extending its reach to London and beyond. Hazel’s knack for steering multi-million-pound projects has marked her as a standout architect and a visionary in urban development.

Her work is characterised by a commitment to quality, sustainability, and community-focused design. Her involvement in the Spatial Regeneration Framework helped to transform over 125 acres of Liverpool’s northern fringe into a cultural and creative hub. And her current project in London focuses on a residential-led masterplan in Wandsworth, aiming to reintegrate historic areas with their natural surroundings. 

Pioneering Place and Community

Beyond her architectural accomplishments, Hazel is a central figure in the discussion on placemaking and urban regeneration. As a founder of the Place Collective UK and chair of the NLA’s Public Realm expert panel, her insights into creating meaningful spaces are invaluable. Hazel has played pivotal roles in shaping the built environment across the UK.

Hazel’s influence extends into education and mentorship, where she serves as an external examiner, lecturer, and awards judge. Her dedication to nurturing the next generation of architects highlights her commitment to building spaces and futures.

At Bloom, Hazel will add her expertise to our discussion around Place. The panel will explore the cultivation of workplace cultures that appeal to future generations, underscoring the critical role of community, place, and clustering in today’s changing work landscape. As we navigate these shifts, Hazel’s expertise and perspective are more relevant than ever. Her ability to bridge the gap between north and south, and her passion for creating spaces that resonate with people’s needs and aspirations, make her an essential voice at Bloom!

Stay tuned as we continue to introduce more inspiring speakers leading up to Bloom and get your tickets here