Dr Paul Myers, Managing Director of Farm Urban, will join the Place panel at Bloom. Paul, a PhD holder in epigenetics, pioneers change in our urban landscapes, making them healthier, greener, and more inclusive.

From DNA to Urban Greens: The Genesis of Farm Urban

After exploring how environmental factors influence our DNA and overall health, Paul’s path crossed with Dr. Jens Thomas. This meeting led to the creation of Farm Urban in 2013. Born out of a desire to fix our ailing food system, Farm Urban initially focused on small-scale urban farming systems across Liverpool. These innovative projects were not just about growing food but empowering communities to cultivate fresh, nutritious produce themselves.

Despite the challenge of the pandemic in 2020, Paul and his team’s resilience has only strengthened their mission. Their work is inspired by their backgrounds as bio-scientists and is a testament to their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Cultivating Change: The Impact of Farm Urban

Under the leadership of Paul, Farm Urban has proven how vertical farms can seamlessly become part of our societal fabric. This initiative resulted in a wave of benefits, from the provision of hyper-local superfoods to the creation of high-tech job opportunities. By delivering sustainable nutrition to those who need it most, Farm Urban significantly cuts carbon footprints and paves the way for improved long-term health outcomes. 

Through the introduction of Farm Urban’s innovative green infrastructure, they actively enhance biodiversity within our concrete jungles. Their efforts to reduce both local and global carbon emissions further supports this push towards a greener society.

Education lies at the heart of Farm Urban’s mission, with community-driven programs in schools and organisations designed to promote healthier lifestyle choices among younger generations. These programs are designed to build a foundation of knowledge and respect for sustainable living, to empower communities in the future. 

Join Us at Bloom

Dr Paul Myers will share his invaluable insights on our Place panel at Bloom. It’s an opportunity to hear from a visionary and engage with the ethos of Farm Urban. Their exhibition stand, part of our Support Hub, promises to be a window into the future of urban living – greener, healthier, and more connected.
So, join us at Bloom to be inspired by Dr. Myers and the transformative work of Farm Urban! It’s about reimagining our cities as ecosystems where everything and everyone flourishes together. Get your tickets here.