L-R: Lila Tamea, Aaron Fontenot and Rebecca Clark at the awards ceremony on 13th July.

Congratulations to Rebecca Clark for winning the Baltic Creative Prize for Best Level 5 Student in Architectural Technology!

Two of our board directors, Lila Tamea and Aaron Fontenot, presented Rebecca with her award at a ceremony in the Adelphi Hotel last month.

We spoke to Rebecca about her work on the course so far and her future ambitions.

Congratulations again, Rebecca! What work have you done so far?

The course work in general involves designing buildings to factor in things such as: building regulations, planning permissions, and sustainability, using software such as Autodesk Revit and Green Building Studio. We also spend time drawing construction details to scale – by hand. Not to mention all the reports you write and the “fun” referencing which you need to do!

What part of the course are you enjoying the most?

The parts which I find most enjoyable is thinking of how your design will work in the ‘real world’ and why it needs to be designed in such a way. For example, designing a high-rise building in Liverpool would need insulation whereas the same design in Malaysia wouldn’t need half the amount, if any! Or if you were to redesign an existing house – why would you not make the ground floor accessible to all instead of having one toilet upstairs, just because Building Regulations state it’s not a requirement?

Good point! What are your plans after graduating?

After graduating I have three ambitions. One being to pursue a career in the industry and two, become a Charted Architectural Technician in time. The third is to go away on an African Safari.

Sounds exciting! Best of luck to Rebecca in her final year, from everybody at Baltic Creative CIC.