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Venue:Northern Lights, 5 Mann Street, Liverpool, L8 5AF
Start time:05:00 PM
Start date:21.05.21
End time:09:00 PM
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For Light Night 2021, Northern Lights will open its doors to allow members of the public to explore the artist’s studios within. Organisations involved include, The Royal Standard, Hub Art Studios and Galleries, Road Studios, Innominate Studios and Ryde. Each studio will be responding to the theme of PLAY – expect installations that explore how play grows within the artist’s environment, exhibitions that incorporate gameplay and much more.

  • The Royal Standard (Members Show) – The Royal Standard will be hosting a studio member show as part of LightNight 2021. In response to this year’s theme of ‘Play,’ our studio members have created new works in small groups in the same style as playing the game ‘Exquisite Corpse.’ In which; one player draws the head, one draws a torso, and one draws the legs. Not revealing their shared creation until the very end. Each group takes a different approach, a more literal version of the concept, following the original game rules. The other is a more experimental approach to interpreting the theme, which leaves room for more random outcomes. None of our artists will see each other’s work until the opening night, like unravelling the paper at the end of the game and seeing what you have collectively created.
  • ROAD Studios (Audio Visual installation entitled COBALT!) – After the rollercoaster ride of 2020 ROAD Studios have decided to have some fun for Light Night 2021 and will be hosting COBALT! an exhibition exploring the many quirks and in-jokes that have come about in ROAD Studios over the years. Through COBALT! we plan to explore how play grows within an environment where people work together but also how it can create a community but how it can look strange and confusing to those outside of that community.
  • Hub Studios and Gallery (Open Studio) – Hub Studios houses an independent collective of local artists and creatives. The group was originally set up in late 2008 – mostly refugees from the urban redevelopment that saw the final demise and deterioration of small transient studios in the city of Liverpool. Hub studios, like many other art collectives in Liverpool, has had a rollercoaster year. Each of their artists has taken solace in their creative processes whilst using the time to play with new ideas, discaplines and techniques… embracing the restrictions in the best way possible. For Light Night 2021, Hub Studios and Gallery will reopen it’s doors in order to share a brand new body of work they have created during the last 12 months.
  • Innominate Studios (Open Studio) – Innominate Studios is a new artist collective, founded in late 2020 to provide workspace for artists of various disciplines. They quickly grew to capacity with a group of seven creatives – a mix of established artists and ones who have never held studio space previously. The gathered skillsets encompass painting, illustration, sculpture, moulding, resin casting, embroidery, and textile work. Innominate wish to invite you to their very first open studio where you can meet the residents in an informal environment and discover their artwork!
  • Refreshments @ Ryde Cafe – Ryde will remain open until 9:00pm – selling alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

***BOOKING IS REQUIRED*** So that attendee numbers can be managed and to ensure social distancing is in place, we will require all attendees to book a time slot VIA EVENTBRITE in advance in order to stagger arrivals. Once attendees are in the building, individual studios will manage attendees into their spaces so please be mindful of this.

Time slots will be 1 hour in duration and will run from 5:00pm – 8:00pm, every 15 mins.

Once you have signed up for this event, please read the confirmation email carefully as it highlights what COVID-19 safety measures will be in place during the event.