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Start time:09:30 AM
Start date:06.10.22
End date:06.10.22
End time:10:40 AM
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Leadership and the creative industries: What have we learned during the pandemic and are we ready for the challenges ahead?

As we emerge from two difficult years of lockdowns and reduced contact, the need to reconnect is greater than ever. As businesses recover they are looking for opportunities to widen their networks, find partners for joint projects, connect with policy makers and learn from their peers.

Join us and other creative hubs from across the UK to talk about what we’ve learned over the past couple of years, and what tools we now have at our disposal to face the challenges ahead of us.

We’ll open the event with a presentation from Creative UK on the state of the UK’s creative industries today. We’ll then have an opportunity to connect with other hubs, to talk through our experiences and share resources to support one another.

Baltic Creative has been part of the European Creative Hubs Network project, which brings 80 UK and 200 EU hubs together to stimulate connections, collaboration and learning. We know how valuable the peer to peer support of other creative hubs has been in delivering for our tenants and members, and we’re excited to hear from UK hubs again to reconnect and share ideas.

This event is delivered in partnership with Creative Hubs Connect, which links a British audience of hub leaders and tenants to an established international network; it connects us to educators, young people and policymakers.