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Start time:05:30 PM
Start date:29.04.21
End time:07:30 PM
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Join us for a conversation about the future of neighbourhoods like ours.

About this Event

When we talk about a sense of place, or a place brand, we’re not talking about the brochures, logos and graphics, or even the buildings – they’re not things that define an area.

What really defines an area is the spirit of the place, the things that happen behind all of the doors on it’s streets and the clusters of activity within it.

For us, in our work home at Baltic Creative, that looks very much like the spirit of our creative and digital industries, of students studying for future careers in life sciences and digital industries. It’s about the cafes we sit in and chat about work and the serendipitous encounters that lead to work or getting involved and new and interesting things. And it’s about our post work pints with our colleagues and friends.

As the areas around us change, and as we reemerge from lockdown, will we return to an area that looks and feels the same as the one we left? Do we need new spaces and new ideas?

And what of the other stakeholders – the students, residents and other non-business stakeholders? Will these spaces welcome them too? Did they ever?

Join us at 5:30pm on Thursday 29 April to discuss the future of the places of encounter in a neighbourhood like ours. We’ll hear from representatives from other places around the world that might just spark some ideas, and from you and what you see the future of our neighbourhood and your ideas for it.

We’ll be joined by…

  • Hannah Slogget, co-director at Nudge Community Builders
    Nudge Community Builders was set up by local people, who’ve been volunteering and leading Stonehouse Action in Plymouth for many years.

  • Jose Alfaro, president of Co.Starters. Co.starters equips individuals and communities to thrive through entrepreneurship and works in cities across the US, Australia and New Zealand. 

  • Dr Fiona Armstrong-Gibbs, Chair of Baltic Creative. Fiona’s doctoral research explored social enterprise and innovative business models as a catalyst for regeneration and growth in Liverpool’s creative and digital sectors.

About this event series

This event series is brought to you by Baltic Creative CIC and Ethos. In partnership, they will be running 4 events across 2021 and 2022 on a quarterly basis. During each event, we’ll hear from people around the world who have faced challenges in areas and communities like ours and shaped their futures in innovative and inclusive ways. We’ll have conversations about place, but also how communities work together to shape their future – to make them places of opportunity and great places to live and work and play.