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Start time:05:30 PM
Start date:01.07.21
End time:07:00 PM
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Do businesses have a responsibility to be good? Is it a requirement for them to invest in their people, in the places they work and make changes in their business that also benefit the planet (or at the very least don’t negatively impact it)? 

Faced with a global environmental climate emergency and widespread inequality, it’d be hard to argue the answer to those questions was anything other than a resounding yes. 

And, in a neighbourhood like ours, what would be the impact of a business community that focused on investing a proportion of its profits on people, places and the planet? 

Businesses have a choice to either positively or negatively impact these factors and we’re consciously or unconsciously making those decisions all the time. You could, of course, have no desire to have any impact on the places you do business, and if that’s the case, then read no further…

Glad they’ve gone…

For our second event in partnership with Baltic Creative CIC, we’re going to chat about how we can incorporate good decision making into our businesses to help us be more good, more of the time. You’ll hear about the clear business case for being a good business – think happier and more engaged teams, better and more engaged customers, and feeling like you’re part of a thriving community in the places you go to work. 

We’ll hear about a global movement doing these things already and how we can be part of it. 

And we’ll learn and be inspired. 

Sound good? Then make sure you join us.

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