Baltic Creative presents the full line-up for Bloom on Wednesday 8th May in Camp and Furnace!

Bloom is not your typical business event; it’s an opportunity to thrive. Bloom offers a unique blend of support, inspiration, and connection all in one place. From insightful talks and business advice to delicious food, live music, and networking opportunities. Bloom has everything you need to take your business to the next level. Join us for a day of growth, community, and celebration!


  • 09.00 – Arrival and breakfast
  • 09.45 – Welcome and keynote
  • 10.30 – Panel 1: To scale or not to scale?
  • 11.30 – Morning break and refreshments
  • 12.00 – Panel 1: What’s the point? Finding purpose at work
  • 12.45 – Lunch
  • 13.30 – Shooting from the IP: with Neil Bellamy and Tom Gigg
  • 14.30 – Making sense of AI: with Dan Taylor-Watt
  • 15.00 – Afternoon break and refreshments
  • 15.15 – Panel 3: Right here, right now
  • 16.15 – Close with Lynn Haime
  • 16.30 – Drinks at Botanical Gin Garden

Meet our host: Ngunan Adamu

Ngunan Adamu is a BBC presenter and non-executive director of Baltic Creative CIC with an impressive career spanning journalism, broadcasting, and project management. She was the Scouse voice for Eurovision in 2023, co-hosting Eurovisioncast and representing Liverpool’s cultural scene on a global stage. As host of BBC Radio Merseyside’s ‘Upfront,’ she celebrates Liverpool’s Black community through music and insightful interviews.

Creativity and community: a keynote from Charlie Gladstone

Charlie Gladstone is an author, public speaker, philanthropist, and enthusiast for living a good life. With a background in the music industry, he now focuses on revitalising traditional businesses and spaces, infusing them with modernity and purpose. At the core of this are The Hawarden Estate and the Good Life Society. These family-run organisations reflect Charlie’s vision for curating spaces that provide enlightening experiences, create job opportunities, support communities, and pave the way for a better future. To Bloom he’ll bring his insights into the creative industries, inspiration, and a dash of enthusiasm for community-building!

Panel 1: To scale or not to scale

The journey from start-up to a thriving enterprise is no small feat. The UK often struggles when it comes to nurturing these start-ups into their next phase of growth. But why is scaling up such a critical milestone? How can micro-businesses continue to flourish without the ambition for growth? And how do we encourage a culture that celebrates both growth and sustainability, where businesses can thrive without compromising their values or the well-being of their community?

This discussion on scaling up is sponsored by Brabners, a B-corp certified, purpose-led independent law firm.

Meet the speakers:

Panel 2: What’s the point? Finding purpose at work

Indiana Ibreck-Donlon, a student of LJMU’s Applied Entrepreneurship, course leads this discussion to explore the evolving ethos of the emerging workforce. But what does this search for purpose mean for the future of work? Is value or virtue more important? How do future generations find purpose and meaningfulness in their careers? What are young professionals looking for in their work? And what can business owners and employers do to attract them?

This discussion on our future workforce is sponsored by Liverpool John Moores University.

Meet the speakers:

Panel 3: Right here, right now

For many, the office is more than a place of employment; it’s a space for collaboration, social interaction, and a sense of community. Yet, the rise of remote work has led some to question the necessity of the physical workspace. How do we strike a balance between flexibility and the human need for connection? How do we build workplace cultures for future generations? And what is the importance of place and community in our ever-changing society?

Meet the speakers:

Inspire Talks

Shooting from the IP: The value of intellectual property with Neil Bellamy

Neil Bellamy is Head of Technology, Media, and Telecoms for NatWest. He has over three decades of expertise in finance and is a trusted advisor with a deep understanding of technology’s nuances. Beyond banking, Neil is a dedicated advocate for community engagement, talent development, and a trailblazer in Intellectual Property (IP) financing.  IP finance means using the rights to your creative ideas or inventions to make money. It demonstrates how valuable your ideas are to get funding for your business. It’s climate-friendly, long-lasting, and, best of all, its value increases with use.

For this talk, Neil is joined by Tom from Inngot to share expertise on intellectual property, offering valuable insights for start-ups and established businesses alike.

Making sense of AI

Digital guru, Dan Taylor-Watt, is renowned for his pivotal role in shaping BBC iPlayer and BBC Sounds. Now a consultant, Dan empowers businesses to leverage digital technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI). His hands-on approach and engaging dialogue have earned him acclaim for his insightful sessions. At Bloom, Dan will delve into the intricacies of AI with captivating demonstrations and discussions. With his vast expertise, Dan’s session promises actionable insights for digital enthusiasts, business owners, and the AI-curious alike!

Support Hub: Connect, learn and thrive

Access tailored guidance and essential resources designed to empower and fuel the success of your business. Between the inspiring panels and thought-provoking talks, explore our exhibition stands and connect with a handpicked selection of organisations that are ready to support and elevate your business journey.

The Support Hub at Bloom will be available all day long. Click here for a list of businesses who are joining us.


Thank you to the following organisations who have supported Bloom 2024.

Bloom is supported by Growth Platform, Liverpool John Moores University, and Brabners.

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