Earlier this month, we announced our partnership with Creative Hubs for Good. The programme brings the UK together with five South East Asian countries, to connect and collaborate!

Facilitated by the British Council, the partnership links the UK’s digital and creative organisations with like-minded businesses in SEA.

We’re celebrating the official launch of the Creative Hubs for Good programme and the Mereka Connect platform this Friday 29th July. But, what does it mean for you, as a person or business in Liverpool’s digital, tech and creative industry? Find out more below:

What is it?

The Mereka Connect platform will connect creative clusters and businesses across the world to increase their visibility with policymakers and the public. 

The platform allows hubs to share their knowledge, experiences and tools with like-minded individuals. By providing resources and education, the platform will bring UK and SEA businesses together to catapult the creative, tech and digital industries. 

Baltic Creative is the UK partner and is working with the British Council to co-curate the content on the platform, as well as coordinate events and networking activities.  

Why should you get involved?

It’s all about expanding your network! We have worked alongside the British Council for nearly a decade. In that time, we have brought 80 UK and 200 European hubs together to stimulate connections and collaborations. This has provided more opportunities for the people within our sector across the Liverpool City Region. 

Now the Creative Hubs for Good launch will enable us, and you, to engage with even more hubs and creative communities across the globe.  

How will it benefit creative companies & individuals?
For creative hubs and businesses:

Hubs gain a number of benefits by signing up to the Mereka Connect platform, including the ability to advertise your company and services. 

You will also have the unique opportunity to influence thousands of learners and help them succeed in their educational and career journeys.

On the platform, you will be able to: 

  • Host visual or physical experiences
  • Rent your specialist equipment and tools to other makers, innovators and professionals 
  • Share and interact with the brightest minds to develop your business, and help others to do the same. 
For solo learners:

If you want to explore and interact solo, you can sign up as a ‘learner’. The platform will help you develop new skills, connect with peers and expand your horizons.

From students to entrepreneurs and hobbyists… Absolutely everyone can be a learner and find something that suits your needs and interests! You can access all the different Hubs on offer.

Signing up is free, however, some hubs may charge to use their facilities. 

Where can I find out more?

Join the British Council, Mereka Connect and Baltic Creative at the grand launch of the programme to celebrate the power of networking and collaboration between creative hubs across the globe.

What’s more, we’ll have a special knowledge-exchange session led by a leading creative economy expert from the UK and Creative Hub Leaders from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, the UK and Vietnam!

Click here to register and join us on Friday 29th July.