In 2022, Baltic Creative is committed to improving sustainability across our site. As a CIC we support the growth of the creative and digital sector in the Liverpool City Region. We recognise that part of this support is to operate responsibly and sustainably so future communities continue to thrive.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we witnessed the resilience of our community and learnt how important it is to take robust and collective action when faced with a crisis. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges society faces and it is our corporate social responsibility to help tackle it.

Last year we initiated a number of projects towards a sustainable future. We signed the Shift pledge, we ran a Net Zero event in partnership with Ethos magazine, and we began work with two Liverpool universities’ to update our environmental policy. Through this work we have developed a list of actions to ensure that our current sites, and those in the future, are sustainable.

This is only the beginning. The actions we take this year will shape our future work and how our community grows.

Our Pledge
1 – Reduce the impact of waste and consumption.

We are working to reduce plastic use across our site and will review our purchase choices to switch to green alternatives. We will also develop a strategy to improve recycling and introduce composting initiatives. 

2 – Work towards renewable energy across our current footprint and future developments.

We are working with consultants to investigate our current energy usage and identify areas for improvement. Our ambition is to introduce renewable energy, as well as reducing the demand for energy in our buildings.

3 – Encourage green travel in the community.

In conjunction with our wellbeing programme, we will run events to promote green, active travel. We will add to our existing Pool Bike Scheme with further initiatives designed to encourage the use of alternative transport.

4 – Be an advocate for change within our industry and community.

We support the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’s plan for Net Zero by 2040. We’ll engage with events to educate ourselves and run information-sharing programmes within the community to promote collaborative action.

5 – Be transparent about the actions we take and the progress we are making.

We’ll provide updates through all our communication channels to keep you informed about what we’re learning and doing.

We’ll share more with you in the coming months. In the meantime, if you would like to read more about the wider plan for the region, take a look at Liverpool City Region Combined Authority’s Climate Action Plan 21/22.