Damibu’s groundbreaking project has secured a remarkable £500,000 in Phase 2 SBRI Healthcare funding. This marks a significant milestone in their journey to revolutionise maternity care through digital innovation.

Advancing Maternity Care Through Technology

Renowned for its work in digital health solutions, Damibu has long been dedicated to leveraging technology to address healthcare challenges. This latest funding is a testament to their commitment to improving outcomes, particularly for ethnic minorities and less affluent areas.

The core of Damibu’s project lies in the advancement of “Feeds” – the digital platform originally designed to streamline the management and dissemination of health information. Damibu aims to empower NHS staff by combining cutting-edge AI technology and intricate workflows with their CATCH maternity mobile app. This will enable maternity care staff to deliver comprehensive guidance efficiently and effectively.

A Vision for the Future of Healthcare

“This funding marks a pivotal moment for Damibu and our mission to address health inequalities through innovation,” expressed Dave Burrows, CEO of Damibu. “With the support of SBRI Healthcare, we are poised to expand the capabilities of the Feeds platform, making a tangible difference in the lives of expectant mothers across the Liverpool City Region and beyond.”

The objectives of the project are ambitious, aiming to develop comprehensive content spanning the entire spectrum of maternity care. By paving the way for broader application across healthcare sectors, Damibu is setting new standards and shaping the future of digital health solutions.

Celebrating Innovation in Liverpool City Region

At Baltic Creative, we take great pride in our community where innovation thrives. Damibu’s achievement reflects their leadership in the health tech sector and reinforces Liverpool City Region’s status as a hub for innovation and excellence. We extend our congratulations to the team and look forward to seeing the impact of their work as they continue to drive positive change!

You can read the full story and original press release here.