Awesome coffee for everyone, everywhere. We're bringing awesome people in awesome communities together over awesome coffee.
We are passionate about hosting events and celebrating local artists and businesses alongside our award-winning coffee. In our shops, you can expect cakes, bakes, and food from local suppliers and monthly artist residencies showcasing their work on our walls.
However, our commitment goes beyond the communities we find ourselves in but all the way back to the bean.
We choose specific coffee cooperatives which give back to their communities and partner with Project Waterfall, a charity that provides clean water and sanitation to coffee growing communities around the world - 10% of all bagged coffee sales are donated to the charity which have guaranteed at least 347 people clean water and sanitation for life.
We hope you can join us and become part of all awesomeness. Connect with us on the 92º app to collect points, click & collect, order to the table or join The 92 Club - Baltic Tenants receive 10% off their order every time using voucher code: BALTIC10


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