Milky Tea is an award winning creative studio that conceives and crafts playful visual stories and immersive interactive experiences. Their high quality work stimulates the viewer to deliver deep engagement and a strong emotional connection. What brand isn't looking to achieve that?

Milky Tea work directly with brands, or their agencies, to transform conceptual ideas into stunning video, animation, imagery and interactive content. Their work is spread across media channels including TV, print, websites, social media, and mobile and gaming platforms.

Like all good ideas, Milky Tea was envisaged over a strong cup of English tea by two talented British designers. They dreamed of a creative company that would inspire clients through playfulness and powerful storytelling. And so Milky Tea was born in 2005! Since their humble beginnings, they have been fortunate to collaborate with some amazing brands and agencies.

To this day, Milky Tea continues to be a place where the worlds of digital art, animation and games come together to help brands stand out, communicate, engage and connect with their consumers.


  • Gaming
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