At its core, Liverpool Irish Festival celebrates Liverpool’s Irish heritage and creative future by sharing Irish culture in Liverpool and telling stories worldwide. The Festival offer a warm Liverpool invitation to participate in high quality & unique expressions of Liverpool's Irish identity, providing a positive contribution to the arts and to the cultural fabric of our city, at home & abroad.

Liverpool Irish Festival believes Ireland’s stories - told creatively across forms - develops social capital that helps to unite communities. As an organisation, Liverpool Irish Festival can be relied upon to promote inclusivity, recognise difference and provide access to unique, ambitious and challenging work that celebrates Irish culture and creates enjoyable, thought provoking experiences.

The festivals imaginative and inclusive programme, blends high and popular culture to create an immersive festival atmosphere. LIF are trusted to provide high quality artistic content, promotional material and events. This reliability attracts artists, partners and audiences and helps provide rich content to reach new audiences and encourage revisits.


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