Liverpool Irish Festival brings Liverpool and Ireland closer together using arts and culture. By celebrating Liverpool’s Irish heritage and contemporary creativity through unique stories, we offer a warm Liverpool invitation to share in high quality and unique events and exhibitions.

The Festival believes that in sharing our stories across art forms, we connect and unite communities. We can be relied upon to promote inclusivity, recognise difference and provide access to remarkable, ambitious and challenging work. We activate Irish culture creating enjoyable, thought-provoking experiences. Our representational voice ensures Irishness is better understood; championing value in -and representing- single, dual and multiple Irish heritages and challenging the assumptions that can cause isolation.

We pride ourselves on an imaginative and inclusive programme, blending high and popular culture in an immersive festival atmosphere. Run since 2003, we are trusted to provide high quality artistic content, literature and events, attracting artists, partners and audiences every October and to key celebration days.


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