Ethos is a quarterly print magazine for and about ethical entrepreneurs and sustainable businesses. Maintaining a global focus, Ethos champion the socially conscious companies, using business as a force for good, through storytelling that people can relate to. From global brands such as Etsy and Adidas, to smaller localised community initiatives including Eccleston George and Homebaked, Ethos magazine tells their unique story.

Business has changed a lot over the past few years, and Ethos have noticed a shift towards purpose-driven companies that are both transparent and ethical – consumers are becoming increasingly aware of where they shop and where their products come from. Business has shifted away from the ruthless ‘rat race’ image of the past, towards a much more sustainable and responsible standpoint.

Their editorial is accessible and inspiring; a mixture of short snappy reads and long features, which adopt a slow journalism approach to tell the story properly and uniquely.

Ethos Magazine was created by the team behind the City Tribune, an independent newspaper printed to coincide with International Festival of Business in Liverpool in 2014.

Ethos is a small team of writers, editors, journalists and filmmakers based in Northern Lights, Liverpool, where they produce s quarterly print magazine which has subscribers in nearly 20 countries, a print readership of 4,000 and a growing online community.


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