Event details:

Venue:The Shed, The Baltic Roastery, Baltic Creative CIC, 49 Jamaica Street, L1 0AH
Start time:12:30 PM
Start date:22.05.19
End date:22.05.19
End time:01:30 PM

Aid your performance at sleeping, work and exercise with Reset Breathing

Have you ever acknowledged that the way you breathe can affect your work, sleep and exercise performance? Most of us take our breathing pattern for granted until we become stressed or think about a relative or friend with e.g. Asthma.

Joel Jelen put together Reset Breathing after experiencing many years earlier, the effects of hyperventilation or ‘overbreathing’ from working in broadcast media. Our bodies are designed to take a silent inhale and exhale every 6-8 seconds but habitual life in Western society has seen many of us taking a breath every few seconds resulting in the kind of over-breathing habit Joel developed. The resulting symptoms can be many and varied and Joel has helped numerous firms and organisations realise that their team members’ wellbeing was often a direct result of how they breathed when asleep, at work using technology, playing sport, even relaxing and whilst eating.

Join Joel as he hosts a Buteyko Workshop from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on May 22nd in The Shed, The Baltic Roastery. Gain knowledge of the power of breathing better/how it can increase your performance in many aspects of your life simply by investing 45 minutes of your life…there’s room for questions after too.

It’s completely FREE with only 18 places available. Email Suzy@ubiquitypr.co.uk to RSVP bearing in mind that it’s first come, first serve.