Practical advice, ideas and good conversations.

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Spring is a time of new growth; of forwards movement and new ideas. Make sure your business is ready to flourish with support from sector specialists, connections and conversations.

Learn with panel discussions, Q&As, quick-fire talks, masterclasses, wellbeing and networking. Bloom includes sessions on creative and digital growth, collaboration, clusters and culture-led regeneration, woven together by an environmentally-responsible, good business thread that’s focused firmly on the future.

Bloom gives a practical, inspirational resource for the creative and digital business community, connecting Liverpool to the Northern Creative Corridor.

Join us and...

  • Access business advice and support including one-to-one slots with business experts and professional services
  • Make sure your business is fit for the future by doing and feeling good
  • Get tips, advice and insights from businesses who have experienced the same challenges and opportunities
  • Grow your network and support the thriving digital and creative community
  • Be part of a vibrant conversation
  • Connect to an ongoing resource of ideas, advice and peer support


Find out more about Bloom by reading our blog and speaker profiles!