This week marks the 100th annual Bike Week, organised by Cycling UK. Bike Week 100 is all about workplace cycling, to encourage as many workplaces as possible to support their staff to ride during the week. What better time to celebrate Team BC’s resident cyclists?

Operations manager Chris Green and facilities officer Jeff Mcglinchey have made a healthy habit of cycling to work. So, we asked them what encourages them to jump on their bikes every week.

For Jeff, it was all about the benefits of staying active:

The main reason I cycle is to keep fit, healthy and active. It allows me to eat more cake and biscuits through the week without worrying!

Mine is a 7-mile ride to and from work but the fresh air and being in nature is better than being on the bus. Of course it also means there’s one less car on the road and we’ve got to look after the planet now for future generations.

Chris added:

“I like the freedom, fresh air, and sunshine on my face. Plus you don’t have to fight to find a parking space! There used to be barriers to cycling in Liverpool, but the routes have improved a lot.

Today I cycled along the prom with the morning breeze and views over the river… That’s an experience you can’t get from a car on the road!”

Baltic Creative’s Pool Bike Scheme.

Active travel can significantly reduce emissions, whether commuting or travelling to a mid-day meeting. For this reason, we’ve put cycle storage and Pool Bikes in place for tenants to use free of charge. The bikes are in the Creative Campus but are available for all to use.

Of course, we couldn’t let Bike Week pass without a shout-out to Ryde – a cycling cafe and workshop based in Northern Lights! Why not visit them this week for a brekky and a bike tune-up?

You can find out more about #BikeWeek100 on their website. Happy cycling!