With COP26 high on the agenda, businesses everywhere are finding a new focus on their environmental impact. Baltic Creative’s operations officer, Alex Christey-Kelly, was interviewed by Fiona Shaw from ETHOS magazine for a piece in the Liverpool Echo, talking more about our plans to reduce carbon emissions.

Baltic Creative have worked closely with ETHOS on ‘In Our Neighbourhood’ a series of events about place and how communities work together to shape their future. In October, the team held a dedicated conversation about Net Zero and how businesses can handle sustainability.

Alex, who manages Northern Lights and oversees Baltic Creative’s environmental and carbon reduction work, said:

“We know that, as a community-based landlord, we need to be a leader in this. We’re using our learning to filter down into business support, so that we can educate and support our tenants to do the same thing.”

Alex also spoke about our partnerships with LJMU and the University of Liverpool:

“The university is helping us write a sustainability strategy for Northern Lights, which we’ll also use to inform future buildings. We have two Masters students working with us, including reporting on our carbon footprint.”

David Connor from Liverpool’s 2030hub is also quoted in the article from Wednesday’s newspaper. You can download the full version at the link below.