Since 2012, the Creative Campus has hosted an exciting mix of businesses, many of which have expanded into larger spaces. We’re thrilled to announce that Heavy Industry is the latest to join our community, relocating from Southern England to make the Baltic Triangle their new home.

Founded in 2020 by UK product designer Robert Dutton, Heavy Industry is a product design and engineering consultancy that excels in tackling complex design challenges to launch new products. Combining smart engineering with strategic product development, their focus is on understanding customer needs, accelerating growth, and embracing environmentally conscious design.

Heavy Industry’s unique approach

Heavy Industry offers a range of services from concept to production, tailoring every project to meet the client’s unique requirements. Their approach ensures they provide the best possible support throughout the design process.

A recent project saw them develop a new P3 respirator for Helloface to enhance user experience for NHS dental practitioners and patients. The final product not only offers better protection but also features a transparent design to improve communication, especially beneficial for patients with hearing impairments.

Another significant project involved creating high-end Bluetooth earbuds for Momo Audio. Heavy Industry developed the Zen 01, addressing usability issues found in existing devices, resulting in a product that stands out.

Commitment to sustainability and people-centric design

Heavy Industry’s design philosophy centres around people. They collaborate closely with clients to understand customer needs and motivations, tackling real-life challenges with feasible and grounded concepts. Their rigorous engineering mindset allows them to create functional designs faster, improve product performance, and reduce production costs. They are also committed to sustainable product design, continuously learning about new materials and practices to minimise environmental impact.

Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic, Heavy Industry has shown remarkable resilience and growth over the past four years. “It was a tough time,” Robert recalls. “Starting a business during the lockdown was incredibly difficult, but seeing where we are now makes me proud, despite the sleepless nights.”

Robert Dutton in his Single Shed at the Creative Campus. (c) Heavy Industry.

A journey back to Liverpool

Robert’s journey began in 2007 at John Moores University, in the almost-completed John Lennon Art and Design building. “Being back in Liverpool feels invigorating. It’s a fantastic city with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.”

Heavy Industry is eager to develop new partnerships with local businesses and community leaders, continuing to create exceptional products and value for clients across the Northern UK. “We’re proud to return to Liverpool, a vibrant city that’s key to our continued growth. Being closer to family, old friends, and a diverse business community is essential for us.”

We’re excited to see Heavy Industry back in Liverpool and look forward to the contributions they’ll bring to our community. If you’d like to find out more about their work, or how you can work with them, check out their website or connect on Linkedin.