We start 2024 by welcoming three new businesses to our creative and digital community!

Attach Digital and Rebo fill the empty studios in Digital House, meaning this building is now full. Both businesses will benefit from state-of-the-art facilities tailored to support the growth of digital enterprises. Meanwhile in Northern Lights, Big Fang Collective are taking a mezzanine unit for their new head office.

A big welcome to all three of our new tenants! These additions bring even more energy and creativity to our spaces and we look forward to having them here. Read more about each of them below.

Attach Digital – the Future of Web Development

Specialising in website development, Attach Digital is not your average agency. Established in 2015, Attach Digital initially carved its niche in WordPress and Magento, before transitioning to headless technologies. Since early 2019, they’ve embraced GatsbyJS as their core technology, propelling them into the forefront of cutting-edge web development.

The team crafts fast and scalable websites tailored for modern brands. Among their esteemed clients are Root Houseplants, SpaSeekers, and fellow Baltic Triangle creatives, Milexa Group.

Having called the Baltic Triangle home for the past four years, the team, lead by co-founders Tom and Jon, now base themselves in our tech hub at Digital House. If you’re in search of excellent web development that blends agency expertise with in-house innovation, Attach Digital has you covered!


Rebo – Where Creativity Meets Playfulness

Rebo UK Ltd, a family-run venture with a two-decade legacy in product design, add a unique and playful touch to our community. Specialising in children’s toys, Rebo stands as one of the UK’s largest stockists of outdoor play equipment. Their commitment to crafting experiences shines through in every item they produce. With a meticulous approach, they take pride in overseeing every step of the design and production process, ensuring that each product is a testament to their company.

At the heart of Rebo’s endeavours is their online e-commerce platform and hub for knowledge, Outdoor Toys. Ever wondered how to store your trampoline over winter? Look no further. Through their blog, they shed light on essential topics, offering guides and insights to parents navigating the world of children’s play.

Founded two decades ago in Wales, Rebo has now found a home for their Liverpool creative team at Digital House. If you’re seeking safe and durable play equipment, this is your go-to destination!


Big Fang Collective – Redefining Experiences

As the minds behind Ghetto Golf, Big Fang Collective is reshaping the landscape of experiences with a vision that’s disruptive, diverse, and different. Their portfolio extends beyond traditional venues, collaborating with various concepts under one roof. From artists and designers to DJs and creatives, the collective thrives on a limitless list of collaborators. 

In 2016, friends Danny Bolger and Kip Piper laid the foundation for Big Fang Collective. Financing the venture entirely themselves, they combined hospitality and building skills to transform their imagined concept into reality. It started with Ghetto Golf in the Baltic Triangle, turning a dilapidated warehouse into a crazy golf adventure and must-visit destination.

Their reach now spans across the UK, with new concepts like Big Fang Karaoke opening recently in Cains Brewery Village. Their home remains in Liverpool, now with an office in Northern Lights – metres away from where it all started!

Join Our Community!

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