Baltic Creative CIC is proud to share the impact report for the inaugural Bloom event, held on Wednesday, 8th May 2024. Bloom aims to shape the future of the creative and digital sectors in the North of England by providing a unique blend of support, inspiration, and community connection.

Bloom 2024 featured a dynamic line-up of panel discussions, talks, and one-to-one advice sessions, offering attendees a unique opportunity to connect, learn, and grow. Designed to empower startups and SMEs, Bloom provided the guidance needed to propel businesses to the next level. This groundbreaking event marks the first of its kind hosted by Baltic Creative.

Attendance and Support

The event welcomed 148 attendees, including 28 volunteers and support staff from local schools and universities. The Bloom Support Hub offered tailored guidance and face-to-face support from 15 organisations spanning finance, legal, education, wellbeing, and sustainability sectors. Bespoke services were also available specifically for creative and digital businesses.

The event contributed to the circular economy by paying nine local Baltic Triangle organisations for various services. This local collaboration underscores Baltic Creative’s commitment to supporting the community.

As a community organisation and social enterprise, financial support was crucial in making the event accessible and impactful. Baltic Creative CIC received £16k in sponsorship, allowing us to offer generous discounts to the community, including 80% off for Baltic Creative tenants.

Feedback and Engagement

In terms of marketing reach, Baltic Creative’s audience of 29,000 expanded significantly, with the event reaching 368,000 people through digital marketing efforts and the event hashtag. Total impressions were 37,000, and engagement peaked at the end of April with the announcement of Bloom’s full line-up. We live-posted on the day on Twitter and Instagram, with these posts achieving an average engagement rate of over 5%. The overall average social media engagement for the event was an impressive 4.7%.

After the event, we issued a feedback survey to gain insights for next year. Attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 79% expressing an interest in returning to Bloom 2025. Constructive feedback was also gathered to enhance future events, ensuring that Bloom continues to meet the needs of its community.

Looking ahead to Bloom 2025

The full impact report for Bloom 2024 is available here. We are excited to announce that preparations for Bloom 2025 are already underway. We are looking for speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors to join us in making next year’s event even more impactful. To get involved, please contact us at