We’re pleased to announce that we’ve become a member of the biggest network of social enterprises in the UK.

Being a CIC means that Baltic Creative exists to represent and support the growth of the Creative & Digital Sectors here in the Liverpool City Region. Unlike many creative schemes our profits can only be used for three things: reinvesting in our property, reinvesting in our tenants and reinvesting in our sector. We have also recently reviewed our lettings strategy to include Social Enterprises and CICs. 

Mark Lawler, Managing Director, said:

“Over the last 12 months, Baltic Creative CIC has reviewed it’s lettings strategy under the direction of our Chair – Fiona Armstrong-Gibbs. As a result, we have agreed to include Social Enterprises who support Creative & Digital Industries in our gateway criteria. As a CIC, we understand the social and economic impact we bring to the LCR and it’s important our lettings strategy allows us to work with all organisations who deliver on our ambition to see the LCR Creative & Digital Sector grow. Our membership of Social Enterprise UK further supports this ambition and allows us to connect with a wider network of Social Enterprises. We’re delighted to become members and look forward to developing new partnerships with like-minded friends.”

By becoming a member of Social Enterprise UK, we join other leaders of the UK social enterprise movement from health care and public service providers to community organisations and retail businesses.

If you run a social enterprise, consider joining to unlock their membership benefits including: networking opportunities, brand exposure, access to events, business support and discounted services. 

Find us and other member organisations on the Social Enterprise UK members’ map.

You can read more about our CIC status here.