Baltic Creative CIC is featured in a new report by Kindred co-founder Helen Heap and board member, Alan Southern. ‘Asset Ownership in Liverpool City Region’s Social Economy’ delves into community asset ownership and regeneration, proposing ways to foster a more inclusive economy.

The report, from the Heseltine Institute at the University of Liverpool, features Baltic Creative CIC as a case study to showcase the impact of actively supporting businesses within a community of interest.

The detailed analysis reveals remarkable achievements in promoting economic growth in the creative and digital sectors. It also recognises Baltic Creative’s role in transforming the Baltic Triangle area into a popular neighbourhood to live and work.

The Creative Campus: Part of Baltic Creative’s Pilot & Catalyst Phase in 2012. (c) Matt Bell.

Leadership and Vision: The Community Business Model

The report emphasises Baltic Creative’s business model, built on a strong mission, a clear ‘community of interest,’ and an effective governance structure. The study says that, at the heart of Baltic Creative’s success is the strategic vision of its founders:

The development of Baltic Creative CIC as a business … is attributable to the skill of the board and management team of the company and the vision of the founders.

The findings also highlight the relationship between property ownership and community impact. It references the capital grants which enabled Baltic Creative to develop properties that generate rental income. This has allowed us to cover operating costs, whilst funding valuable business support and community events. The asset not only sustains the organisation but benefits the broader community of creative and digital businesses.

A Catalyst for Community Impact

The conclusions from the analysis recognise Baltic Creative’s visionary approach in fostering economic and social development. The insights provide valuable lessons, emphasising the potential for transferring under-utilised property into community hands for the greater good.

You can download and read the full report here.

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