On Friday 8th April, hundreds of people gathered at the Pier Head to celebrate fun and friendship at Taste Ramadan 2022. Baltic Creative CIC were there as a sponsor and supporter of the event.

Sunset at Taste Ramadan 2022

Ramadan is an annual celebration in the Islamic calendar, observed with a month of fasting, prayer, community and giving. During the holy month of Ramadan, practicing Muslims fast from dawn until dusk. The fast breaks at sunset with water and dates followed by the sunset prayer, Maghrib. Family and friends then come together to share a large feast known as Iftar.

Organised by Liverpool Region Mosque Network, Taste Ramadan is an opportunity for people of all communities in Liverpool to come together and share in this special moment of Islamic faith.

Sunset at Taste Ramadan 2022

It was a chilly Friday evening on the waterfront, but that didn’t stop the families gathering to break their fast together. The sun set over the Wirral at around 8pm casting a pink glow across those in attendance. As the call to prayer rang out across the Pier Head, volunteers passed around dates, food and water.

Baltic Creative sponsored the event along with other local organisations such as LFC, Everton FC, LJMU and Liverpool Hope University. As well as staffing a stall at the event, some of the team had the chance to address those in attendance. Managing Director, Mark Lawler and Lila Tamea from Baltic Creative’s board of directors spoke to the crowd about the importance of diversity in the creative and digital sector.

Speaking at the event, Lila said:

I want to encourage young Muslims to get involved in the Creative and Digital sector. It’s no surprise that Muslims and racialised groups, in particular, are massively underrepresented in the Creative and Digital industry. And that’s obviously due to clear internal and external barriers that we as communities face.

I’ve seen firsthand the commitment from Baltic Creative in engaging with these different communities and, as a stakeholder in this event, I think it’s a testimony that Baltic Creative are here supporting those communities.

Baltic Creative is home to over 170 businesses and that will only grow. In sha’Allah I’d like to see so many more Muslim youth here. There’s so much amazing upcoming talent and I’d encourage all of you to engage with the organisations that are here today.

Thank You

Commenting on Friday’s event, Mark Lawler said:

What a great event Taste Ramadan 2022 was! I’d like to say thank you to Lila for involving Baltic Creative CIC. It was such a brilliant event and connected us with both the Muslim community and others. There’s no doubt this will lead to more opportunities and growth for the Creative and Digital Sector.

Baltic Creative would like to thank the Liverpool Region Mosque Network for welcoming us and giving us the opportunity to connect with their community. And, to all those celebrating, we would like to wish Ramadan Mubarak for the remainder of the month!