As the festive season approaches, Agent are once again spreading joy through their Christmas campaign, ‘All You Read Is Love.’ This initiative brings the gift of reading to hundreds of children across the North West. Introduced in 2020, Agent has committed the past three holiday seasons to supporting the local community!

Story Behind the Campaign

Agent is inviting clients to purchase books chosen with care and consideration. These books are not just ordinary gifts; they carry personal significance. Whether it’s a childhood favourite, a family treasure, a story with a positive message, or a recent best-seller, each book is chosen with the intention of creating a meaningful connection.

The books are then gifted to children and young people in various locations, including children’s homes and community centres. Last year, Agent successfully gifted £8,000 worth of books to over 1,000 young minds across the region. These books celebrated a wide range of voices, from well-known authors to emerging talents, black and underrepresented minority writers, and LGBTQI+ voices. This year, the campaign has expanded its reach with additional partnerships with regional children’s charities and community youth groups.

Why Your Support Matters

Recent research by the National Literacy Trust and Chase has unveiled a concerning trend—20% of parents have reduced book spending due to the current cost-of-living crisis. In the face of this challenge, the support for ‘All You Read Is Love’ becomes even more crucial. By contributing to this campaign, you’re not just gifting a book; you’re opening doors to imagination and knowledge for those who need it most.

How You Can Help

Agent has launched a campaign to drive book donations, with drop-off points at their offices in Liverpool and Manchester. Share the message with your audience, encourage them to donate and spread the word using the hashtag #AllYouReadIsLove.

Agent believes that the power of storytelling can make a significant impact, especially during the holiday season. By participating in ‘All You Read Is Love,’ you’re not just giving a book—you’re giving the gift of love, learning, and imagination to children who deserve it the most.

You can donate books at Agent’s Liverpool office in Baltic Creative Campus, 49 Jamaica Street, Liverpool L1 0AH.