Head of Security

Elsie is Baltic Creative’s resident pooch and ball of fluffy, ginger energy. With her enthusiasm and keen eye for intruders (also known as delivery drivers), Elsie keeps the team safe and the premises secure on a daily basis. When she’s not people watching or napping, you’ll find her playing tug of war or waiting for belly scratches.

Her current favourite human is Jeff as he can always be relied on to share his lunch. But her love of Jeff is only rivalled by her devotion to Lynn, CEO of Baltic Creative and Elsie’s owner, who she’s never far away from.

Whether you’re a visitor or part of the team, Elsie is the first to greet you at the door with a friendly bark or two… or three. Play with her, and you’ve got a friend for life. Give her some food and you might just overtake Jeff as favourite.

2019 Annual Report

Find out all of the latest facts and figures showcasing Baltic Creative CIC's economic output 2019.