A Community Interest Company

So what exactly is a Community Interest Company? Being a CIC means that we represent a ‘Community of Interest’. In other words we’re bound to support the growth of the Creative & Digital Sectors here in the Liverpool City Region.

How it works

This status is what makes us truly unique. Unlike many creative schemes our properties are asset-locked and our profits can only be used for three things:


Reinvesting in our Property

A strict letting strategy also means we can only let to Creative and Digital businesses, ensuring each space provided is affordable, well-managed and tailored to sector needs.


Reinvesting in our Tenants

Because we can only invest in our tenants and the sector, tenants are guaranteed a safe space to experiment and grow and an exciting, community with which to collaborate.


Reinvesting in our Sectors

We have no shareholders and all decisions are made by a hand-chosen, voluntary board representing the interests of the sector. It’s an entirely new economic model that ensures profits are re-invested in the sector, not the developer.