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Start time:10:00 AM
Start date:20.04.21
End time:11:00 AM
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About this Event

The end of lockdown is nearing and as we reverse the steps and people come back to the workplace (albeit in a different way), there’s a whole new set of anxieties and stresses that could potentially accompany it.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve all had to adjust to lock down and now we’re going to need to manage how we come out of it. Some people will be raring to go but others may be reluctant to step outside and we’re again going to be dealing with situations we’ve never experienced before. The more we can prepare ourselves and our colleagues for the next 12 months, the smoother the transition will be.

In this session, we will look at practical ways that you as an individual and your team as a whole can manage this transition and the measures you can put in place to support yourself and those around you.

This session is an hour long and will be delivered by Lee Fishwick (Director of Training and Personal Development at TLC) who’s a teacher and trainer who specialises in stress, anxiety and the power of positive psychology and mindset.

About this event series

Baltic Creative CIC has partnered with local social enterprise Transform Lives Company (TLC) to bring you a new four-part health and wellbeing event series. The series provides practical support and inspiration to individuals and business owners so that they can go forth and explore the many benefits of implementing wellbeing practices into their daily lives.

Each event is free of charge and is open to everyone – whether you’re a freelancer, sole trader, staff member, businesses owner, student or currently out of work. Each session is an hour long and will take place online via Zoom (with your camera on or off – whatever makes you most comfortable)

About TLC

The team at TLC explore practical approaches towards improving wellbeing and they make it fun, light-hearted and accessible to everyone. They use their knowledge and expertise to explain ways you can look after yourself and others and why looking after our wellbeing is so important. So, if wellbeing and mindfulness isn’t your thing, then maybe TLC are the team to convince you otherwise? You can find out more about the amazing work TLC do via their website www.transform-lives.org.