Baltic Creative is proud to sponsor The Royal Standard‘s 2019 Autumn/Spring Exhibitions Programme – allowing us to support them as a fantastic and valued tenant of ours, and as a key contributor to Liverpool’s independent art scene.

Their first exhibition of 2019 will be an exploration of the senses, titled Light Blue, which will run from 23nd February – 24th March 2019.

Opening night is on Friday 22nd February, 6 – 9pm. 

The exhibition will aim to question how emotions can be explored through our senses. Invited artists, Alex Margo Arden (London), Hannah Bitowski (Liverpool), Kitty Jones (Chester) and Michael Lacey (Liverpool) have each created a range of interactive artworks – including sound pieces, scented installations and tactile sculptures – in response to the question:

How emotions can be explored through the senses?

The five senses allow our brains to perceive and understand the external world, but how can they affect us physically or even emotionally? It has long been argued that viewing lighter shades of the colour blue can slow down our heart rate, and that smells and music can unlock memories in those of us who can no longer recall them instinctively.

As part of this programme, The Royal Standard has also paired with WHISC (Women’s Health Information & Support Centre) to host well-being activities in the gallery, including yoga sessions for carers and those receiving care in our local community.

Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 12-5pm

Viewings throughout the week are available by appointment only

Get in touch to arrange a viewing

Free entry. Fully accessible.